Warranty Info

Riaction USA issues a 2 year “manufacture defect” warranty with every product we sell. This warranty covers all parts deemed to be defective from us the manufacturer/supplier. Products that qualify for warranty must adhere to our product disclaimer, and follow all warranty terms listed below. If you feel your product qualifies for warranty coverage please review the warranty claim section below. Be sure to register your product using the Warranty Registration form below.

Warranty Registration

All Riaction USA products should be registered within 30 days of purchase. Please register your product using the Warranty Registration form below to protect your purchase.

Please list the name of the authorized FIVE8 dealer where you purchased your product.
This should be the vehicle you purchased this product for.
This should be the vehicle you purchased this product for.

Warranty Steps & Guidelines

1. Register your products by logging in online onto our website and filling out the warranty form. This will ensure that your coilovers are registered with us, making it easy for us to find your name in our system should you need warranty coverage.

2. If your coilover is having an issue, give us a call to discuss what may be causing the issue first. Most of the time, any type of noises you may be hearing can be easily fixed at home by tightening a screw or adjusting the pre-load on the spring. For more information, you can always check out our videos online for easy to follow tutorials. This can save you time and money.

3. Once it is determined where the source of the issue is, you can either send us in your entire coilover for us to inspect. Or, you can place a deposit via Paypal first, and we will ship you a new shock as a replacement. You will be responsible for the shipping fees of sending us back your original shock. We will examine it, and put it on our shock dyno to see if there is anything wrong with the shock. If the shock is found to be malfunctioning in any way, we will refund your full deposit via Paypal. In the case that the shock is actually working properly, and no issues were found on our shock dyno, we will keep the full amount of your initial deposit as payment for the new shock that was sent to you initially. Please note that the customer is responsible for re-assembling the coilover once a new shock/re-serviced shock has been sent.

4. Our warranty process can take up to 5 business days, so please be aware of the possible downtime. This does not include the time for shipping. We will do our very best to service your coilovers in a timely fashion and get them back to you.

5. Five8 Industries is NOT responsible for any incurring costs due to any warranty or non-warranty related issues with our products. This includes but not limited to any parts and labor costs associated with installation or removal of any products.

6. Five8 Industries is NOT responsible for any fees associated with vehicle rentals, Uber/Lyft/Taxis, or any other alternative modes of transportation while your vehicle is down due to warranty claims.

7. Normal wear and tear on parts will NOT be covered under our warranty.

8. Damage caused by accidents, error in installation, any damage caused by retro-fitting applications onto other vehicles, damage from road debris, natural causes, or damage caused by other aftermarket products are not covered by our warranty.

9. Our Lifetime Labor Warranty only covers our labor fees associated with assembling and disassembling Five8 Industries and RiactionUSA products. Costs associated with parts that are not covered under warranty is the sole responsibility of the customer.

10. All Five8 Industries and RiactionUSA products are intended for off-road use only. Please check your local laws before purchasing any of our products.

11. If you have any questions regarding our warranty or warranty process for Five8 Industries, please feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to answer any and all questions.

Warranty Terms

  • All Products covered under warranty must be purchased NEW.
  • Warranty is not transferrable between owners.
  • Riaction USA warranty will only cover parts found to be defective due to workmanship or manufacturer defects.
  • Riaction USA warranty will not cover parts that are worn from normal wear and tear, neglect, or modified use.
  • Riaction USA warranty will not cover parts that were applied to vehicles other than the intended vehicle application listed for the product style.
  • Riaction USA warranty will not cover parts that have been modified, customized, painted, dented, rusted or damaged due to installation, or improper adjustment/tuning.
  • Riaction USA warranty will not cover parts that make noise. This includes but not limited to: squeaks, creaks, clunks.
  • Excessive lowering of vehicle and/or modifications outside the scope of approved product application will not be covered under warranty.
  • Riaction USA reserves the right to reject any warranty claims due to unsatisfactory claim, fraudulent parts, distressed parts, or parts not purchased through an authorized Riaction USA distributor.

Filing a Warranty Claim

The following guidelines must be met in order to file a Warranty Claim. Riaction USA will not accept your warranty claim if these guidelines are not met. Submit the Warranty Claim form below if you feel your product is defective and covered under the Riaction USA warranty.

  • Your product must follow the terms set forth under the Product Disclaimer, and Warranty Terms.
  • Proof of purchase is required when filing a warranty claim.
  • A Warranty Claim can only be filed by completing the Warranty Claim form below.
  • Customer is responsible for product shipment on approved warranty claims.
  • Customer is responsible for properly packaging product for shipment back to Riaction USA.
  • Customer is responsible for removal of product from vehicle prior to shipment back to Riaction USA.
  • Warranty Claims are subject to approval by the team at Riaction USA.
Please list the name of the authorized FIVE8 dealer where you purchased your product.
This should be the vehicle you purchased this product for.
Accepted file types (under 5MB): jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf